Monday, April 24, 2017

Page 152 and Page 153

Page 152:

"I find three hundred and sixty five as many days as there are in a year. On counting the number of cards in a pack I find fifty two the number of weeks in a year - and I find four suits the number of weeks in a month. I find there is twelve picture cards representing the number of months in a year - and in counting the number of tricks I find thirteen the number of weeks in a quarter."
"So you see sir a pack of Cards serves for a Bible, an Almanac and prayer book."

Page 153:

A: I've heard that you got married.
B: Yes I did.
A: Well, that's great.
B: Actually it wasn't all that great, my wife did pass away.
A: Oh, that's terrible.
B: Well, it wasn't all bad since I found another one.
A: How wonderful.
B: Not that wonderful, she was a bit of a nag.
A: How awful. 
B: Not that awful, because she had a great big house. 
A: That's great!
B: It was, except it burned to the ground.
A: That was bad luck!
B: Not really. because we had it insured.
A: Very good!
B: Not that good, because it was discovered that I was the one who set the fire. 
A: That's unfortunate.
B: It wasn't all bad, because I was sentenced to servitude and now I receive free room and board.
A: How delightful.
B: Really not that wonderful, since now I can't get back home to the wife.
A: Oh no!
B: It's not all bad, because she ran of with another.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Page 150 and Page 151

Page 150:

"And I will satisfy your worship of purity of my intention." And spreading the cards before the mayor he begins with the ace. "When I see the ace it reminds me there is but one God. When I see the deuce it reminds me of Father and Son. When I see the trey it reminds me of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. When I see the four spot it reminds me of the four Evangelists that preached, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When I meet the five it reminds me of the five wise virgins that trimmed their lamps. There were ten, but five were wise and five were foolish and were cast out. When I see the six it reminds me of the six days God made Heaven and Earth. When I see the seven it reminds me on the seventh day he rested from the great work he had created and hallowed it. The eight reminds me of the eight righteous Persons that were saved when God destroyed the World. Noah and his wife with three sons and three wives. When I see the nine it reminds me of the nine lepers that were cleansed by our Savior. There were nine out of ten who never returned thanks. When I see the ten it reminds" 

Page 151:

"me of the Ten Commandments that were handed down to Moses on tablets of stone. When I see the King I am reminded of the King of Heaven which is God Almighty. When I see the Queen I am reminded of the Queen of Sheba for she was so wise a woman as Solomon was a man."
"She brought with her fifty Boys and fifty Girls all dressed in Boys apparel. For King Solomon to tell which were boys and which were girls - King Solomon sent for water for them to wash. The Girls washed to their Elbows and the Boys washed to the wrist so King Solomon told by that."
"Well;" said the mayor; "You have given a good Description of all the cards except one."
"What is that?"
"The knave;" said the Mayor.
"I will give you a description of that too if you will not be angry."
"I will not; said the Mayor; "if you do not term me to be the knave."
"Well;" said the soldier; "the greatest knave that I know is the Constable that brought me here."
"I do not know;" said the Mayor; "that he is the greatest knave but I know he is the greatest fool."
"When I point how many spots there are in a pack of Cards."   

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Page 148 and Page 149

Page 148:

October 1906
17th - Ellen Carstens died.
17th - Johanne Christen Rasmus died.
20th - Sofie Spillemands died.
25th - Sofie Spillemands was buried.
26th - Lars Olsen traveled to West Denmark.
28th - Charley Rasmusen received Sine's clothes.

November 1906
22nd - The Frenchman's sister-in-law died.
26th - Lars Eiby passed away.

December 1906
1st - Lars Olsen returned home from West Denmark.
4th - Albert returned home from Iowa.

October 1908
5th - A. T. Johnsen and Agnes's Silver wedding anniversary.
6th - T. Christensen and Anna (Mose) Silver wedding anniversary.
7th - Larsen wedding.
8th - Tilli Larsen wedding.

Page 149:
(this page is in English)

Pack of cards - Prayer Book - and Bible
A private soldier named Richard Lee was taken before a Magistrate for playing cards during service. It appears a sergeant commanded the Soldier at church, and when the parson had read the prayers he took the text. Those who had a bible took it out but this soldier had neither bible nor common prayer book but pulling out a pack of cards he spread them before him.
He just looked at one card and then at another. The sergeant of the company sees this and tells him; "Richard, put up the cards, this is no place for them."
"Never mind that;" said Richard.
When the service was over the constable took Richard before the mayor.
"Well;" says the mayor. "What have you brought the soldier here for?"
"For playing cards in church."
"Well soldier, what have you to say for yourself?"
"Much sir I hope."
"Very good, if not I will punish you more than man was ever punished."
"I have been;" said the soldier, "about six weeks on the march. I have neither bible nor common prayer book. I have nothing but a pack of cards." 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Page 144 and Page 145

Page 144:
(still written in his English)

made and concluded this 14th day of September AD 1901 by and between Niels Hemmingsen of New Denmark in Brown County Wisconsin and Maria Hemmingsen of the same place, Witnessed that the said parties being Mand and Vife and each owning separate Personal Property for and in consideration of one Dollar paid by the one to the other in relation to said undevided Personal Property and all of such as thei may acomulate and own together herein only exepting Money of inheiretanse which any of the parties may receive that at the time of the Death of one of said parties the surviving party shal own and have for his or her share the one half of same and the Lawfull heirs of the deceised party the other half of all such Personal Properties as aforesaid to be devided as the respective parties in interest may agree and if they cant agree such property shal be devided of three disinterested men

Page 145:
(still written in his English)
of which each partys representation select one and the two thus shal then be accepted and final.
It is to be observed in deviding said property that fifty Dollars is to be set of and allowed to each one party for Funeral Expenses and that the wearing apparel of each one of the parties hereto shal belong to such partys heirs.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seals the day and year first above written in presense of Niels Hemmingsen, Peter Christensen, Maria Hemmingsen, John Hemmingsen, Caroline Johansen. State of Wisconsin, County of Brown. Be it known that on the 14th day of September 1901 personally same before me the above N. Hemmingsen and M. Hemmingsen to me known to be the persons who executed the within instrument and acknowledged the same.
Peter Christensen
Justice of the Peace
Brown Co. Wis.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Page 146 and Page 147

Page 146:

Much like the world goes around and around so to do rumors travel far and wide across land and sea. Even though it might create strife between my husband and myself I've decided to put pen to paper and quell what rumors there might be and tell you with an open heart and in all honesty that I am happily facing my future. I can assure you that I've done very well since I got married. My life turned out so well and it is so interesting and good that I truly lack the words to describe it properly. Others can experience this degree of happiness as well and all they have to do is say yes. Dear friend, I would therefore advise you that you never ought to refuse a marriage proposal but instead get married as quickly as possible, that is if you desire to be happy. After all, what is more pleasant than finding a man that is able to make you laugh. I can ensure you from my own experience that you'll be so happy in your new position in life that you'll never lament the day when you entered into matrimony. You're more likely to feel indebted to me for my good advice. If your man is like mine then you'll feel pleased and happy in ways you can't even imagine. You'll feel loved and respected by all family and friends alike, you'll become a mother and enjoy the greatest things that life has to offer.
We, for our part, always lived together, two friends and somehow we always had cash on hand, which kept us from dreading tomorrow. You see my husband earns money with ease so no one can say that we are a byrden to anyone or that we live off of the toil of others, even though you hear about so many making it through life that way.   

Page 147:

My husband is also renowned for being on of the best businessmen around and on of the more shrewd politicians on the surface of the earth. He has a sound judgment and a wealth of useful abilities. Every time I look at him I'm reminded of Solomon's wisdom, the compassionate Samaritan and other such outstanding men. He never enjoys strong alcohol and revels in the joy of happiness. There is probably nothing in the world that he holds more dear than me. He also never hits the bottle. Ever since our wedding day he has been nothing short of an upstanding citizen and has never kept the company of drunken fools. Trouble at home? Nothing could be further from the truth! More peace and quite which always made me happy and content. Basically, for all intended purposes , I've got myself a very normal, charitable, reasonable, aspiring, honorable and morally balanced man. Our only little son is also nothing but a little innocent and much to the joy of his parents he is a very polite and decent boy. Which is also why we call him Christian ??????? which is a nickname that can't be unduly earned. So, live well, write soon and address  it to ?????? and let me know that you are one of those lucky ones who have gotten engaged. Give my best to my friends and tell them that I have become very round and happy and that I feel luckier than you could ever imagine.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Page 142 and Page 143

Page 142:
(141 cont.)

But in case that my said Grandchild Hazel shal Die before that time it is my will that my said property or the Money the sale of same will bring shal be devided in two Equal shares of which my Brothers and Sisters or their heirs take one share. And the Brothers and Sisters of my former Husband Peter J. Hylsenberg(Deceased) or their heirs take one share, with the exception that my Sisters Son Peter Nielsen shal have no part or share of my Estate or property.
Further it is my will that my current Husband Niels Hemmingsen if he shal survive me and if he so desires shal have and I hereby grant to him a life lease (not however to exceed fifteen years) no payment for same to be made on the Dwelling house Garden and Orchard on my aforesaid premises and as now fenced in, the above provitions are subject to this Condition.
And I hereby constitue and appoint Peter C. Petersen of New Denmark in Brown County Wisconsin (residing in Sextion 16) the Executor of this my last Will and Testament.

Page 143:
(141 cont.)

In witness whereof I have hereinto set my hand and seal this 30th day of April in 1906.   (seal)
Maria Hemmingsen

the foregoing instrument was signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Maria Hemmingsen as and for her last Will and Testament in presense of us who at her request in her presence and in the presense of each other have hereinto subscribed our names as attesting witneses and the said Testatrix was then of sound mind and memory.
Peter Christensen Langes T.O. Brown Co. Vis
Niels Hansen Fontenog Brown Co. Vis

Monday, April 10, 2017

Page 140 and Page 141

Page 140:

gotten tougher there as well and they weren't able to make much more than what they needed to survive. After having stayed there for a few years they journeyed back to New Denmark, settled there and lived on the same piece of land until they both died. It was during the spring of 1874 when they really started their farming enterprise. However, on the 24th of July 1883 her husband passed away and she remained a widow until I arrived on the scene. So she had her second wedding on the 5th of September 1885. She had two daughters, whom I've mentioned already. Even though it wasn't a lot of kids, I can't help but wonder if it was her constant worry and grief for those kids that hastened her death, because there was always something going on with them. My wife fell ill immediately following Sine's passing. So she went to the hospital and had an operation after which she seemed to get better. However, it was short lived and she fell ill again and she continued to get worse until she died on the 16th of August 1906. A short while before she died she gave me Hanne's ring to keep and give to Artey. I gave it to George Rockwell. At the same time she also had her last will and testament drawn up as well as a written agreement regarding personal property.

Page 141:
(this entry was written in his English and will therefore remain that way)

Copy of Maria Hemmingsen's last will

I Maria Hemmingsen of New Denmark in the County of Brown in the State of Wisconsin being of sound Mind and Memory do make, publish and declare this my last Will and Testamentr hereby revoking all former Wills bequests and devises by me made.
After the payment of my just Debt and Funeral Expenses I fgive devise and bequest to my Daughters. Daughter Hazel Caroline Kirstrine Rasmusen (a child now about 10 months old) all my right title and interests wichs I have in and to certain real Estate in Brown County Wisconsin, Namely in the South West quarter of the North West quarter of Sextion 15 Town 22 Range 22 being one undivided half thereof under a Deed of date March 1901 recorded September 5th 1901. Provided that my said Grandchild skal leve to become of the age of twenty one 21 years and the income from my said Estate skal each year be invested for her benefit and the amount or amounts thereof be paid to her when she arrives at the age of 21 years(turn page)